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Universal Lipo Discharger Pro

Universal Lipo Discharger Pro

Perfekt produkt for dagene da regnet kommer uventet, lader raskt ut batterier opp til 7S. Lader ut batteriene med inntil 10A

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This is our NEW Universal Lipo Discharger Pro...

No more using your charger to discharge un-used Lipo Packs to Storage Voltage. The Universal Lipo Discharger Pro is a stand alone, self contained Lipo Battery Discharger that will run automatically to ensure a proper and safe discharge.

The Universal Lipo Discharger Pro has an input range of 2s - 7s Lipo Batteries, dual status LED's, dual Cooling Fans, large Heat Sink and most importantly automatically shuts off when storage voltage is reached. The Micro-Controller constantly monitors cell voltage to ensure that as soon as the set storage voltage is reached, that the discharge cycle is automatically stopped to prevent damage to the battery.

Operation is extremely simple and there is nothing to press or a switch to operate. Simply connect the main battery leads, then connect the balance adapter. As soon as the balance adapter is connected, the Universal Lipo Discharger takes control. The dual LED status indicator will show when the battery is discharging by illuminating the red LED. While in discharge mode, the dual cooling fans will automatically start and run during the discharge cycle. When the storage voltage is reached, the discharge cycle is automatically shut off, the green LED will illuminate (and if connected, the Audible Alert will sound) to indicate the discharge cycle is complete.  The fans will continue to run after the discharge cycle has completed to allow for quicker cool down of the unit. Simply disconnect the battery and connect the next one.

If a battery is accidentally left on the discharger for a prolonged period of time after the discharge cycle has completed, the unit will completely shut off when nominal cell voltage reaches appx. 3.75v.  This added feature prevents over discharge of connected batteries.

Another feature is that the Universal Lipo Discharger Pro can discharge packs in parallel with the use of parallel adapters for the main battery power leads and balance leads.

Current is selected based on the cell count of the battery being connected, below is a cell count to current table as reference for max current discharge rate.

2s - (7.4v / 8.4v) 3.0 Amps Max
3s - (11.1v / 12.6v) 4.4 Amps Max
4s - (14.8v /16.8v) 5.8 Amps Max
5s - ( 18.5v / 21.0v) 7.2 Amps Max
6s - ( 22.2v / 25.2v) 8.6 Amps Max
7s - ( 25.9v / 29.4v)

10.0 Amps Max


Also included is an accessory port that allows the connection of an optional (purchased separately) audible alert that when connected, will sound a buzzer once the discharge cycle has completed.

Battery management will never be as easy with the Universal Lipo Discharger Pro!!!


Input Voltage: 2s - 7s Lipo
Current Capacity: 10A Max
Set Storage Voltage: 3.85v (nominal cell voltage) +/- 2%
Length of Battery Input Lead Plug: 6"
Plug Type: Pre-Soldered
Size: 80mm x 96.5mm x 55mm
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External Cell Balancer Wiring Diagram  


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