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ESC, HobbyWing Platinum Pro V4 200A-HV OPTO

ESC, HobbyWing Platinum Pro V4 200A-HV OPTO

HobbyWing Platinum Pro V4 200A-HV

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En av markedets beste ESCer for store elektro modeller (700-800).


²  Aluminum shell, carefully designed and arranged of each cooling slot and its fin, and its case has gone through anodic oxidation, coloring and edge-highlighting.

²  The innovative “duo” stacking structure allows all components on both sides of the printed circuit boards to quickly conduct heat to the aluminum case.

²   High-performance 32-bit processor combined with advanced algorithm makes the motor speed-governing excellent for different conditions.

²  Platinum-HV-160A makes the motor start extremely soft and avoids tail-drift issues of the helicopter.

²  High quality and high voltage MOSFET with a great current endurance guarantees the ESC’s safety especially in an extremely high power demanding situation.

²  Built-in sparkproof circuit effectively eliminates sparks produced at the powering-on moment, and prolongs the connectors’ lifespan.


Model Platinum 200A-HV ESC V4
Application 700-800 class Helis
Input Voltage  6S-14S Lipo
Cont./Peak Current (10s)  200A/250A (in 10 seconds)
(Switch-mode) BEC NO
Separate Programming Port For connecting the LCD program box /WiFi module or Cooling fan
Throttle Signal/BEC Output/RPM Signal Transmission Wire(s) Via Optical Coupler
Input/Output Wires 10AWG/10AWG
Weight/Size 305g (with input & output wires soldered to ESC)/106x50x40mm


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