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OXY4MAXNB - OXY4 Max - No Main Blades

OXY4MAXNB - OXY4 Max - No Main Blades

Den perfekte størrelsen der en får både stabilitet, høy kvalitet på deler og rimelige krasjer

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Oxy Heli by Lynx

The Oxy Helicopter project is a natural evolution for Lynx Helicopters. Experience gained over many years of producing high quality upgrades has placed us in a unique position to enter the helicopter market. Our upgrades have been passionately developed by a core team of engineers and designers, delivering several breakthrough products which improved performance, reliability and maintenance costs of many helicopters. We see the market for small helicopters growing. Flybarless systems have allowed flight characteristics to mimic much larger models, and small brushless motors really pump out the power! It is relatively easy to produce a new helicopter. But much more challenging to design one which can be easily repaired and fly well again after a crash. Here at Oxy, we are not only engineers and designers – we are pilots, and have a clear vision what both 3D pilots and sport pilots require in a helicopter!

The Oxy Helicopter – The Lynx Division

Using the feedback gained from the upgrade market, our unique consolidated design and manufacturing practices, access to the best materials, a huge team of enthusiast supporters and test pilots from all over the world, as well as a powerful distributor network, Lynx Heli has decided to meet market demand for high performance helicopters by forming Oxy Helicopters. We will foster open collaboration with dealers and customers in the community to have the best designs possible.

Our Philosophy: Top Performance and Quality First!

There is a market for high performance helicopters. Customers now are much more expert than past years, and the request for special Heli is the reason why Luca Invernizzi decide to invest in Oxy Heli.

Oxy Helicopters will have top-class, explosive performance, fitting for the best 3D pilots in the world. They will also appeal to sport pilots looking for a high quality, versatile product which is simple to build, maintain and set-up, with clean lines and is crash tolerant. The Oxy Helicopter project is the synthesis of years of ideas. We keep our helicopters simple, robust, light, and of a distinctive style.

OXY HELI by Lynx introduce OXY4 MAX – The NEW 380 Heli from OXY!

OXY4 Max is our forth Heli design and is NOT a super stretch of the OXY 4 325, is a new exciting Oxy Heli Kit for pilot looking at 380 Heli size. Thinking to users and dealers we define a smart Spares Management, and OXY4 Max, were possible without compromise, share some spares of the OXY 4 325.

Oxy Heli's OXY4 Max will astound pilots of all skill level with extreme quality, precision, design, and flight characteristics like no other 380 class helicopters before it. After years of never-ending test, thousands of test flights and many updates throughout the time line, OXY4 Max will simply be the epitome of design for years to come.

Released initially as Beta Edition with100 Kits sold with the objective to expand testing and feedbacks to all-around pilots/users and assure the usually Oxy Heli Kit perfection philosophy once officially released, the OXY4 Max now, with some revised parts, hit the market.

OXY4 Max is superlight if compared with other 380 and like any Oxy Heli, give outstanding performances form the box accepting a large variety of electronics and power packages. This allow the user to build and/or upgrade as needed depending on pilot skill level and pilot progression.

Common features within the Oxy Heli lineup are certainly passed on to the OXY4 Max design:

-       Oval Boom without supports.

-       Tail belt drive.

-       One-way tail drive system.

-       Incredibly precise head and tail geometry (optimized based on Oxy’s strict design standards)

-       Two-piece landing skid system

-       Rigid carbon fiber frame

-       Triple bearing blocks

-       FBL Rotor head System

-       Lightweight and crash resistance.

Radical design concepts and features that are new and found on the Oxy 4 Max include a new Tail Geometry and a "muscle" profile canopy, offering ultimate tail performance and a modern skinny yet aggressive style, that additionally provides incredible visibility thanks to the bright color Orange and Blue styling. The canopy is also favorably designed to provide ample room for large batteries up to 6s 2200mAh for crazy 3D performance.

A new tail geometry and aggressive mechanical tail compensations, with an oversized tail pulley assures precise tail power delivery and additionally provides less drag resistance assuring an incredible belt lifetime.

Main Features:

OXY 4 Max - Standard Specification:

-       Oval Boom without support.

-       Tail belt drive, with One Way Tail Driven for the best Over Speed and Autos.

-       Optimized Head and Tail geometry.

-       Separate Landing Skids - easy service.

-       Ultra-Rigid Main Frame Carbon / Aluminum – Black Matte Finish with a Triple Bearing Block.

-       FBL Head System with optional DFC Head System (sold separate).

-       Optimized Tail efficiency per Oxy Standards.

But the OXY 4 Max Introduce New Oxy Features and Specialty Design:

- New Canopy “Muscle” profile, modern, skinny, aggressive and sexy, with an incredible fly visibility, large Battery Protection and special shape to reduce pitch drag effect.

- New Tail Design, with Metal Case parts and oversized Tail Pulley to assure precise tail transmission and belt wear resistance optimization.

- New Tail Geometry and aggressive mechanical tail compensations to assure precise tail power delivery.

- Innovative Main Shaft Jesus Bolt for easy and quick assembly and repair operation.

About Technical and Standard, Here Some Point:

Two Kit Option, with 380 Main Blade or without Main Blade.

- 380 to 386mm Main Blades.

- 70 to 74mm Tail Blade – (70mm included on the kit).

- 6mm Main Shaft – 4mm Spindle – 4mm Tail Shaft.

- 110T Mod 0.7mm Slant Main Gear – Different Pinions Offered, 5mm Motor Shaft.

- 88T Main Tail Pulley and 24T Tail Pulley included on the kit – optional 23T and 25T.

OXY4 Max - Electronics and Power Options – (For more information and allowed dimension check user manual)

- Motors: from 2820 up to 3215 – 700 to 1000kv.

- ESC: 60 to 80A.

- Battery: 6S 1500 up to 2200 (suggested 1800).

- Servos: Micro Cyclic + Micro or Mini Tail servo.

-  FBL: Micro / Mini to Standard Size.

Approximately 1250g Ready to Fly Weight with good electronics, 2820 motor, 6S/1800 mAh Battery and 60A ESC.

OXY4 MAX 380 NO Main Blade Kit Contains.

- 1 x OXY4 Max Kit with FBL Head System.

- 1 x OXY4 Max Fiber Glass Canopy – Orange Yellow Schema.

- 1 x Set Tail Blade 70mm.

- 1 x Motor Pinion 19T – 5mm Motor Shaft.

- 1 Set Colored Tail Fin Sticker (Yellow – White – Orange).

- 1 x Swash Plate Lever Tools with Zero Pitch function.

1 x Serial Number Card – Registration Serial Number on , every 3 month we will extract a serial number from our registered data base that win a 200 USD coupon to spend in our web site Lynx Heli Innovations

Contact us by e-mail at for more information about the present product.




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