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OXY5-NBP - OXY5 - No Blades

OXY5-NBP - OXY5 - No Blades

Nye OXY 5 fra Lynx

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The Oxy Helicopter – The Lynx Heli Division

Like many of you already know, OXY HELI is part of the Lynx Heli Innovations Upgrade Heli Division own by Luca Invernizzi. After over 10 years of incredible upgrade experience and 5 years since the first OXY 3 changed how people looked at micro helicopters, now is time for the first BIG OXY HELI, the OXY 5.

Thanks to the feedback from the upgrade market, we gained our unique consolidated design, manufacturing practices, access to the best materials, a huge team of enthusiasts and test pilots from all over the world, and a powerful distributor network. Lynx Heli decided to meet the markets demand for high performance helicopters by forming Oxy Helicopters. Open collaboration with the dealers and customers in the community allows us to have the best designs possible.

Our Philosophy: Top Performance and Quality First!

There is a market for high performance helicopters. Customers now are much more detailed and higher skill levels than past years and look for a special quality in a Heli. For this reason, Luca Invernizzi decided to invest in OXY HELI, even when the RC heli business is shrinking. Luca believes in his knowledge, idea driven form, his heli passion and sometimes just his obsessions.

Oxy Helicopters will have top-class, explosive performance, fitting for the best 3D pilots in the world. They will also appeal to sport pilots looking for a high quality, versatile product which is simple to build, maintain and set-up. With clean lines and is crash tolerant. The Oxy Helicopter project is the synthesis of years of ideas. We keep our helicopters simple, robust, light, and of a distinctive style.

OXY HELI in 2014 introduced the first OXY 3 changing the micro helicopter prospection. Now after 5 Years finally the first BIG OXY is here, the OXY 5!

Two year ago, in 2017, Rasmus Jakobsen and Luca started the first tests of the actual OXY5.

Rasmus traveled to the Lynx Factory in Vietnam and within a few weeks, they had the first 200 flights done. But that was just the beginning! You know Luca! Lots of ideas and the desire to make something special and sexy every single time.

In the beginning he was looking for a 500 Class Heli, then it became 600. In the end, after dozens of prototypes, a completely different kind of OXY R&D, they ended with something unique.

The OXY 5 is unique in many aspects; design first, but the aspect that stands out the most is the super wide range of the 500 class blade size options.

Thanks to Luca's design and mass distribution, the OXY 5 can spin from 500 to 570 mm blades, covering everything the 500 class has to offer. With the Tail Ratio, Motor, Battery ESC and Servos format. You can choose to match to the function of your needs. Giving you the option to choose what you like and not just what someone else likes.

Let’s talk about the OXY 5 specialty design features!

Frame System:

Everybody follows the wide frame philosophy for some mechanical reason, but Luca chose the opposite direction. Super slim upper main frame (only 35mm inner frame) with a necessary lower enlarged frame for different battery needs. To define that vision, he must overcome many vibration and resonance, but in the end the result is an astonishing rigid, strong, lightweight and clean looking frame. Every assembly situation was revised many times. Reduction of screws count, overlapping layer components, smart battery tray with mechanical lock, elimination of main shaft collar with a sliding lower bearing block system yeilded a simple adaptive design. Following the user manual, you can easily get all the wiring inside for a clean pro-build, because the details are so important when we love what we fly.  We should also empathize our R&D heli design approach: We test our heli’s not only in the air, but our process also follows the after the crash analysis to minimizing the damage by reducing the impact energy, saving the core of the heli. Crashes are an unplanned event we all have unfortunately, but it is part of the game. Heli must be designed to fly with perfection, but be quick to repair without a huge expense. Crashes are part of our game, “no pain, no gain”. As they say, not crashing? You’re not pushing for improvement. Anything can be damage, but we truly believe that an adaptive design method can like in the car industry, define what we want to save, and form a pilot experience. Luca chose the upper frame with all the expensive electronics to be saved. Sacrifying other areas that are easy and low-cost to replace.

Main Gear and Main Pulley System:

Looking for efficiency and simplicity, OXY 5 has a single stage transmission with 110 Mod 1mm CNC Main Gear, 12T Pinion in the kit with many other optional pinions as options. The Main Pulley 84T with HDT 3M Tail Belt Transmission and metal frame tail pulley to cancel nasty EDM (electrostatic) issue.

Head System:

Luca’s experience show him that a solid head system with 10mm hollow shaft, 8mm hollow spindle, serrated center hub and interchangeable adaptive dampening system was the solution to pursuit. This was a milestone to pass. Something present in any 3D Heli, the pitch mechanical aberration, or deviation error from Zero to full negative and positive collective. Thanks to a different cinematic simulation OXY R&D ended with special, simple but mathematically proved geometry that reduce the mechanical aberration to only 0.25 degree pitch with 28 degree maximum travel.  There’s no need any more to play with FBL end points to have the same exactly negative and positive pitch, giving the OXY 5 a precision and crispy head feeling. Exactly what the new 3D generation pilot are looking for, agility and precision in one single spot!

Tail System:

Here we come with OXY’s specialty : Tail Performance. We all know that when we fly, if we cannot thrust 100% in the tail authority or precision, 50% of our mind is lost just thinking: Which move I can do next? If I do this, will I lose the tail, just like before?

The tail is so, so important on the last generation of Heli design. It is where every company tries their best to improve what today, feels perfect. Improvements don’t have a limit. OXY introduces in each Heli from the small OXY 2 up to the new OXY 5, design and features that assure the best tail efficiency with the simplest design as possible. Bigger count tail pulley with the best revolution efficiency, super low belt wearing, tail belt tensioner, Delta rod angles, reduced mechanical travel aberration, double pinned Pitch Slider and 6mm Tail Shaft are just some of the different mechanical OXY 5 tail solutions.

After reading all that, you probably normally thinking it’s enough, but it isn’t. Many other detail and features are inside the OXY 5, many personal Luca “touches”. It’s hard or too long to list them all here, but we are sure. Those who will get one, will love it!


OXY 5 Technical and standard specs:

- Main Blade Length:             Any from 500 to 575mm

- Main Grip Clamping:            M4 / 10 and 12mm Root.

- Tail Blade Length:              Any from 85mm to 105mm.

- Tail Blade Clamping:            M3 / 5 mm Root.

- Standard Main Gear:           110T Module 1mm.

- Standard Pinion:                12T – (Optional 11-13-14 Sold separate from basic kit)

- Standard Main Ratio:          9.166

- Standard Main Pulley:         84T

- Standard Tail Pulley:          19T (Optional 18-20 Sold separate from basic kit)

- Standard Tail Ratio:           4.42

- Standard Landing Gear:      Plastic Strut White Color With Black Tubes Skids

- RTF Approx. Weight:          2900g (including 6s battery, may vary by battery brand).

- Motor size:                       4015, 4020, 4025, 4030, 4225. Shaft: 6mm – 20mm to 25m long.

- 6S Max Battery Size:          L150 x H55 x W50mm.

- 12S Max Battery Size:        L270 x H43 x W50mm

- Servo Size:                      Kit comes: Std. Size Cyclic Servo and Std. or Mini Tail Servo

(Optional: Mini Size Cyclic Servo Supports Sold separate from basic kit)

- ESC:                                      100 to 150A




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