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SoKo Kit

SoKo Kit

The Soko Kit is the combo of the Soko Helical and Soko Gauge in a convenient zipper bag.

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In addition to the known relative angle measurement it offers an absolute level (spirit level) measurement as well.
It is the best companion to the Soko Helical, but can be used for any angle measurement.


Soko Gauge specification:

• Rotating display
• Relative angle measurement
• Absolute angle (spirit level) measurement
• Displays relative and absolute angle at a time
• Resolution 0.1°
• Repeatability +/- 0.1°
• Range +/- 180°
• Power source: 2x AAA batteries


The Soko Helical is ideal for anyone who already owns a gauge or wants to mount other tools. The possibilities are endless.


Shipping includes:

1x Soko Helical
1x M1.6x6mm hex screw
1x M2x6mm hex screw
1x M3x6mm hex screw
1x M2 washer
2x M3 washer
1x Special mounting velcro
1x storage bag

1x Soko Gauge
2x AAA batteries
1x storage bag



Details about the Soko Helical:

The Soko Helical can be mounted on your heli in a blade grip (main and tail) with the following dimensions:

• blade grip opening 3mm, screw M2 (equals main blade grips for standard 250 size)
• blade grip opening 4.5mm, screw M3 (equals main blade grips for standard 360/450 size)
• blade grip opening 10mm, screw M3 (equals main blade grips for standard 500 size)
• blade grip opening 12mm, screw M4 (equals main blade grips for standard 550/600/630 size)
• blade grip opening 14mm, screw M5 (equals main blade grips for standard 700/770/800 size)


The Soko Helical is designed to be mounted as a head stopper disc:

• for a M1.6 head stopper screw (standard 250 size)
• for a M2 head stopper screw (standard 360/450/500 size)
• for a M3 head stopper screw (standard 550/600/630/700/770/800 size)


To mount any of your gauge or tools a special mounting velcro is included. Finally the Soko Helical provides special holes to securely mount the Soko Gauge.



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